Andrew Coleman | Director | ADC Environment Limited

Welcome to the latest in a new series by Ecology Jobs where we uncover what it’s like to work ‘Inside The Industry’. These are a growing series of short interviews with professionals working inside the Ecological Consultancy sector. Today we’re speaking with Andrew Coleman, Director of ADC Environment Limited.

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Why do you work as an ecologist?

Originally I trained as an ecologist in the mid nineties, but soon switched to managing an environmen tal magazine, books and online job boards.

What are the main activities in your current role?

I meet and talk with alot of environmentalists and ecologists in the UK and abroad. Managing online environmental job boards allow me time to be involved in ecological and conservation work in my spare time.

What is it like to work for your organisation?

Very flexible! Having a work life balance is of great importance.

What careers advice would you give someone wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Supplying career advice has always been a big part of my professional career. I would say the most important decisions are made very early. Decide where your passion lies. Is it bats, birds, insects?

Check out the job market…just how competitive is it? Ask yourself if you feel you have the aptitude and passion to succeed in that field.

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