Great Crested Newt Ecology and Surveying


£105.00 Excluding VAT

4 hours
3 modules

This self study course on Great Crested Newts provides a comprehensive introduction to the species, its ecology and how to survey for them.

Great Crested Newts are widespread across lowland England and occupy a range of habitats, in rural, suburban and urban areas. Although they breed in ponds, they spend much of their life on land. They are also fully protected by law. Great crested newts are commonly present on development sites or during vegetation clearance. Therefore it is important that ecologists and land managers know how to survey for them and have a good understanding of their ecology. This course is a good basis for gaining a survey licence (experience also required).

This course is two videos:

Part 1 covers Ecology, identification, legislation, threats, habitat management and diseases. Run time 1hr 34 mins.

Part 2 covers surveying for GCN including bottle trapping, netting, egg searching, torching, eDNA sampling and Habitat Suitability Index assessments. Run time 35 mins.

You will also be provided with the Great Crested Newt Conservation Handbook, the HSI instructions and Calculator and the Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook as handouts.

Course content:

This is an introductory level course suitable for those working in consultancy or conservation. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Ecology and habitat requirements
  • Newt identification
  • Legislation and licences
  • Survey techniques
  • Habitat Suitability Index

At the end of the course you will do a short quiz and if you get over 70% you will get a Certificate.

What our students say about this course

“The course was great! I really enjoyed it and it’s made me even more enthusiastic about becoming an ecologist and being able to do things like this full time. I’m really looking forward to hopefully being able to gain some practical experience this year to go alongside it.” Rachel

How to book: You can book on-line here. Once you have booked you will then be able to start the course straight away. If you’d like book a group or on behalf of another person please email us at and we’d be delighted to help you.

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