You will be working on the Assessing Welsh Aquaculture Activities (AWAA) Project which is supported by the EU through Welsh Ministers and is fully funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The Project  has been designed to support the sustainable development and management of aquaculture resources in Wales by providing developers, regulators, and advisors with a set of evidence-based resources. The Project will assess and map the sensitivity of marine habitats and species to the impacts from a variety of aquaculture activities.

The Project resources will include:

  • An Evidence Database on the impacts of aquaculture activities on habitats and species
  • An Interactions Spreadsheet showing the sensitivity of habitats and species to various aquaculture activities
  • Sensitivity Maps of habitats and species to aquaculture activities
  • Evidence-based aquaculture Activity Assessments, and
  • A final Project Report.

The AWAA Project contract will be delivered by ABPmer Ltd. on behalf of NRW. This part-time marine ecologist post, funded by EMFF, will quality assure the contractors outputs.

The AWAA Project started in December 2021 and will complete all tasks by June 2023.

We are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable marine ecologist, capable of quality assuring a variety of Project outputs including habitats (at biotope level) and mobile species impact assessments, and their corresponding sensitivity assessments and supporting GIS maps. A knowledge of aquaculture techniques and nature conservation legislation would be desirable. Experience of using GIS software (preferably ArcGIS) will be essential.

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • Able to undertake practical/technical tasks or work, requiring specialist knowledge/expertise.
  • Able to provide objective advice to others on related issues, based on their knowledge and experience and keeps up to date with changes within their specialist field.
  • Demonstrates relevant substantial experience gained from working in number of different organisations, or roles/functions within a single organisation.
  • Ability to lead and project manage specific areas of work, which may include the implementation of plans.
  • Has mentoring skills and the ability to share skills and knowledge with others within the function and/or across the organisation.
  • Possibly an expert in a range of subjects relating to their profession.

Decision Making and Autonomy Requirements

  • Ability to decide how to achieve results applying some degree of judgment or creativity, whilst responding to conflicting demands, by altering priorities.
  • Able to make independent decisions on a broad range to matters, considering the options available and potential implications for the business.
  • Decisions will require input from line management and peers and an understanding of NRW policy, the impact of which is likely to be wider than the immediate function or department and medium term in nature.
  • Has an appreciation of the consequences of making wrong decisions and the adverse effect they may have on the organisation in relation to external stakeholders, such as partner organisations, lenders, service users etc.
  • Able to contribute to the setting of strategic direction for themselves, their area and others.
  • Ability to develop organisation strategy and policies with some autonomy in the implementation of organisational policy.
  • Can adapt and respond to decisions made which lead to changes in established procedure/practice for dealing with issues within the post holder’s area of work, which may not be immediately clear or apparent.
  • Some decisions may need to be taken without reference to others.