The Conservation Careers Bootcamp is a comprehensive programme of training, support community and jobs designed to get you hired quicker as a professional wildlife conservationist. Within the programme are three career-boosting elements to turn your dreams into reality.

Training | The Conservation Career Kick-starter

Included within the Bootcamp is the Conservation Career Kick-Starter – our proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. No confusion. No ambiguity. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process.

You’ll get a much clearer idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for you, what experience and education you need, and how to apply for them, get interviews and get hired. After going through the course, you’ll have created a personal career plan which gives you confidence in your job hunt and makes everything quicker, simpler and more fun!

Community Support | Ask questions and get support

The Kick-starter training is a work-at-your-own pace course. You can go as fast as you want, or you can take your time. But what happens when you have a question? Included within the Bootcamp is access to our totally new private, growing community of aspiring and professional conservationists in CC Pro. You’ll be welcomed into our private community for six months. Get answers to burning questions, enjoy regular live events, participate in growth challenges, share your coursework, celebrate your successes, chat with your coursemates and more.

Jobs | Access over 15,000 jobs, volunteer placements, internships, courses & more…

Included in the Bootcamp is full access to the Conservation Careers Job board. By far the biggest collection of jobs, volunteer placements, internships and training courses. Find the right opportunities quickly, and easily, and stop them slipping you by.

Enrolment is currently open till Friday, 8 July 2022 with a special offer of 50% off and enrol for just £9.99 upfront. Find out more here.