We’ve re-opened our Communications for Conservation Projects career-boosting course with a 33% discount till Friday 31st May.

We’re losing wildlife rapidly, and communication skills are vital

The latest WWF Living Planet Report showed that our planet’s wildlife populations have now plummeted by a staggering 68% since 1970 – and there are no signs that this downward trend is slowing.

Put bluntly, we’re failing to stop the loss of nature globally.

As Dr Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International (and ex-colleague of mine!) warned: “Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in millions of years. The way we produce and consume food and energy, and the blatant disregard for the environment entrenched in our current economic model, has pushed the natural world to its limits.”

As a result, conservation organisations have identified the urgent need to share clearer messages, and encourage more action.

We analysed 29,767 conservation jobs, from over 100 countries, and a massive 41% explicitly wanted people with communications skills or experience. Of these, 9% (2,726) were communications specialist roles…

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Introducing Communications for Conservation Projects

The structure of the course follows a detailed analysis of what employers are actively looking for when hiring conservationists and is being taught by communications guru Lloyd Gofton.

During Communications for Conservation Projects you’ll learn how to:

  • Produce a communications plan for conservation projects.
  • Write engaging content about conservation projects.
  • Get press and media coverage for conservation projects.
  • Build and engage audiences on social media for conservation projects.
  • Create content to support conservation campaigns.
  • Measure the success of your communications activities.

After completing the course you’ll be able to confidently plan and deliver effective communications activities, making you more employable, competitive and impactful as a professional conservationist.

Since launching the course in 2020, we’ve been delighted to get a 100% satisfaction rating from over 500 Comms Stars. PLUS we’ve been thrilled to see many of them land conservation jobs directly as a result of the training.

“Thanks to this course, I have just secured a dream job as Head of Communications for a UK-based conservation charity, and I have been able to perform confidently both at work and at the interview stage, drawing directly upon my learning from this course!” Kate Stephenson (Kate On Conservation), UK.

We’re currently offering a special 33% discount on Communications for Conservation Projects until Friday 31st May.

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We’re also excited to soon be launching two new Advanced Communications Training Courses, Communications Strategy Development and Social Media Management for Conservationists. Click the links to register your interest and be the first to know when they open.