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This course comprises 2 courses: Beginner’s Botany and Grass ID

Grass ID
The course will cover the following topics:
• Grass structure, terminology and features commonly used for ID
• Grass families and clues to their ID
• How to use keys and field guides to identify species.

Part 1

•What is a grass?
•Grass anatomy
•Features used to identify grasses
•How to use keys

Part 2

•Common grasses – identification
•Practice using Keys and identifying your samples

Part 3

•Field visit with the tutor
•Tutor showing field notebook

By the end of the course, participants will have learnt how to recognise some of the common species of grass found in the UK, will be familiar with grass features and structures and know how to use keys to identify grasses.

Beginner’s Botany

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Plant structure and features commonly used for ID
  • Plant families and clues to their ID with examples for each family
  • Using keys and field guides
  • Examples of species from unimproved grassland and riparian habitat will be shown
  • Includes tree workshop and some common grasses.

The tips you will learn from our experienced tutor will help you gain confidence in identifying plants yourself, at your own pace.

This a comprehensive course with a lot of content. Allow time to stop the videos frequently to make notes and refer to your samples and your ID book/chart.

Allow 12 hours to complete this course (equivalent of a 2 day field course).

The assessment is in three parts:

  • In the Part 4 video there is a plant quiz and tree quiz – submit your answers by email.
  • You will need to collect some flowering plant samples and send a picture by email or WhatsApp or short video via WhatsApp of 10 identified flowering plant species with their common name, Latin name and family.
  • At the end there will be a short quiz and if you get over 70% you will receive a Certificate.

How to book: You can book on-line here. Once you have booked you will then be able to start the course straight away. If you’d like book a group or on behalf of another person please email us at and we’d be delighted to help you.

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